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Are you looking for a professional water damage service in Toronto? Call GTA Water Damage Experts right away, as no other company in the city can match our water damage expertise, just as no other company can even hope to compete with our staff of trained, professional water damage experts. No matter how bad is the water damage in your home or business, we’ll deal with it and restore your property to its dry condition. As a member of the IICRC, GTA Water Damage Experts adheres to the highest standards of water inspection, water remediation, and water removal. Best of all, we offer these emergency services for the fairest rates in Toronto—no hidden taxes, no hidden fees.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of standing knee-deep in a flooded basement, you know that every second counts. In fact, mold spores will begin to proliferate on the affected surface, or surfaces, within minutes. Knowing this, we offer our water damage services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This is not an empty promise: We’ll respond to your call even on weekends and holidays, after which we’ll send out our team of water damage experts to your home or business property. Our services in Toronto include the following, all of which we are able to perform no matter how cold it is outside and no matter how late the hour:

Wet Basement Service

Even if you have just a crawl space, and even if you only use your basement as storage space, the smallest amount of condensation can make its way into the floor above, spreading dangerous mold. As is the case with many homeowners in Toronto, you probably use your basement as living space. If this is indeed the case, the water will do much more than spread mold: it will also drench the carpeting, drywall, and furniture. Accordingly, we urge you to call GTA Water Damage Experts the second you notice water in your basement. We’ll diagnose the problem—condensation, runoff, or seepage—and use our state-of-the art water extraction and drying equipment to get your basement back into shape.

Sewage Treatment

Did your sewage pipe just burst? Are you dealing with an overflowing toilet? In the event that you’re planning to deal with the mess on your own, consider this: sewage water is Category 3 Water, a magnet for toxins and pesticides. Instead of risking the health hazards that contact with this category of water entails, call GTA Water Damage Experts for a sewage treatment service. We’ll diagnose the problem, clean up the mess, and. lastly, dehumidify and deodorize the affected area.

Water Damage Repair

Did the water damage to your home or business leave your floorboards, carpets, furniture, and baseboards drenched? Again, every second counts, for mold spores will start to proliferate in just minutes. Using our powerful dryers, we’ll dry the affected surfaces and items, preventing the spread of mold.

Mold Removal

If you’re noticing mysterious dark stains on, say, your bathroom walls, chances are you’re looking at mold. Mold will spread on just about any surface or item that’s been damaged by water, but the worst thing about mold is that it’s quite dangerous. In fact, people who are exposed to mold will often develop rashes, headaches, and respiratory problems. Further complicating matters is the fact that mold removal requires special equipment and sanitizers—not at all your typical DIY job. Instead of wasting you money on products that end up doing more harm than good, call GTA Water Damage Experts for a thorough and affordable mold removal service.