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Ajax Water Damage Specialists

GTA Water Damage Experts offers the best quality Ajax water damage services in Mississauga. Our highly trained staff of water damage Ajax experts remain on duty 24/7 to help out. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’ve incurred a broken washing machine hose or a clogged toilet. We offer nonstop emergency service for all water damage scenarios. We are licensed IICRC members with years of experience offering professional services for restoring flooded apartments and homes. Timing means the world of difference during an emergency. Please allow 30 minutes for speedy arrival.

GTA Water Damage Experts Expertise & Solutions

When it comes to repairing flooded basements or fixing drywall structures, you can count on us to deliver premium quality results! Wooden laminate flooring can get warped within a short time frame after coming into contact with water damage. Instead of plucking out the tiles, one at a time, we offer a much more feasible solution. Our Ajax water damage technicians will carefully remove and restore each plank that has been damaged by the water. We’re carpenters by trade, which means that we are your one-stop-restoration shop! Our services in Ajax include:

  • water damage drywall
  • Water Damage Removal
  • structural restoration
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Sewage Cleanup

    Water Damage Repair

    There is nothing worse than returning from a hard day at the office only to discover your home has been the victim of water damage. Maybe you forgot to turn the kitchen sink off or perhaps you have insulation piping infrastructure damages that are naked to the visible eye. Don’t stress about it at all, just let the trained water damage Ajax specialists take care of the mess! We are renowned water damage repair experts with full credibility. Take the initiative of picking up the phone and dialing out to the certified pros of GTA Water Damage Experts for complete assistance!

    Flood Cleanup

    GTA Water Damage Experts offers world class flood cleanup services. Although it’s important to pay careful attention to the radio broadcasts during a flood, it’s even more critical to contact a professional water damage Ajax company to assist in the restoration process. Make a checklist of things-to-do and include sufficient fuel in your vehicle in case your home needs to be evacuated. We’ll be by your home in a jiffy to start the extraction of water. .We’ll check for potential mold growth while cleaning up the dirty flood water. Your home will spotless by the time you get back inside!

    Water Damage Restoration

    The clock is always working against you during a water damage emergency situation. Each minute is more crucial, so you must act quickly. We are highly acclaimed water damage restoration technicians with the ability to restore a home in a heartbeat! Our Ajax water damage crew is at your service 24 hours a day, so you never have to worry. We make it company policy to put your safety first and foremost above anything else. Frozen pipes are very common in Ajax, so make sure you clean out your gutters in advance. Leave the rest to us!

    Wet Basement

    A wet basement is certainly no place to be in! Heavy rain can enter your home and drench your basement really quickly. You won’t have time to flip through the Yellow Pages or even access your internet if the power is off. That’s why it pays to have our number kept inside your mobile phone contact list. Just reach out to the water damage Ajax pros of GTA Water Damage Experts. Our customer care reps will be more than happy to answer all your questions and give you a free estimate within minutes. It certainly helps to be prepared! Contact us immediately after a water damage emergency and find out why we’re the best!