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GTA Water Damage Experts stands out in terms of reliable water damage Aurora professional services. Never wait around if you’ve incurred water damage to your home. We have a highly trained staff of emergency service experts remaining on call 24/7. Each IICRC member will present a valid license upon request. We have years of experience as Aurora water damage restoration specialists. Our prestigious reputation revolves around your safety without any exceptions. We provide affordable pricing and a multitude of cleanup services. You can expect to see us within 30 minutes or less. We don’t waste a single second!

GTA Water Damage Experts Expertise & Solutions

We have a fully staffed team of mobile experts that cover the entire York section of Greater Toronto 24/7. You won’t find a more responsive emergency restoration Aurora water damage company than us! You won’t need to rent any equipment from a hardware store or purchase them online, which can be time consuming and quite expensive. We are properly trained remediation professionals. Our job is to extract the water and dispose of it in a safe manner. That’s exactly what our trucks are meant to do. Once we gather up the water, we then release it into our specially designed tank for disposal. Our services in Aurora include:

  • Wet Basement
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Flooded Basement Treatments

    Wet Basement

    Walking around in a wet basement is not a good suggestion. Your socks can get soaked and leave you feeling very sick and congested. We use a special dehumidifier to reduce the level of humidity after the water is long gone from the carpeting. Water spreads around very quickly, which makes every minute count more than the other! You can fully depend on our water damage Aurora pros to get the job done! We have a long range extension cord for our high-powered wet vacuum, in case you have a gigantic basement area.

    Sewage Treatment

    The smell of raw sewage is absolutely nauseating. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to come near the sewage waters. Take special care to keep younger children and the elderly out of the vicinities. Contact with sewage could spell out serious health problems. 911 Remediation offers the best sewage treatment services throughout the city of Aurora. We have remarkable sewage restoration technicians that will spray down and disinfect the sections once the sludge has been removed safely. We use a sewage pump to aid in the removal.

    Water Damage Restoration

    Water damage is every homeowner’s biggest nightmare. You cannot believe how much damage a sliced hose in a dishwasher can cause. We advise our customers to invest the extra money into good quality dishwashers and household appliances. You need to check the warranty and have a professional inspect the piping before winter season. You’ll definitely love our water damage Aurora solutions. Why take the unneeded gamble on a poorly designed appliance that might malfunction down the line? We can suggest a great brand name and be there for any emergency water damage restoration services.

    Flooded Basement Treatments

    Nobody expects to open the basement door and see their precious items floating all over the place. Your futon or sofa bed might be drenched entirely. Don’t panic, our Aurora water damage experts will be there to salvage the wreckage! We specialize in flooded basements and wooden laminate flooring. GTA Water Damage Experts leads the way when it comes to customer satisfaction. We have an entire section of our site strictly devoted to successful testimonials. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our pleasant and convenient services. Don’t leave your basement looking like a swimming pool! Call us for a direct quote today!

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