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“Water damage can just be awful. I know because my house had some particularly bad damage. I was gone for a week, and while I was gone some pipes burst. The whole basement was flooded and all that water just stood there for the entire time I was away. It basically infiltrated everything!

Needless to say, I immediately knew that I needed a water damage service. I looked up gta-waterdamage.ca and got the number for GTA Water Damage Experts. Of course they were helpful. After assessing the damage, their professional crews got to work sucking out the water with their industrial water removers. They had already advised me to open the windows and try to air the place out as much as possible, but of course they needed to bring in air movers, heaters and dehumidifiers.

Anyway, they just did a terrific job with their water damage service. Although I am still upset that the water pipe burst in the first place, GTA Water Damage Experts knew what they were doing and their water damage service went a long way toward restoring my home to its former state.” – Alice M.