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There is more than one way that homes are damaged by water. Though the most common one is flooding, our team at GTA Water Damage Experts has truly seen it all. Attics collect moisture during the summers or shingles allow water in during the winters. Basements that rest on the high water table or have shoddy piping will flood. And in some situations, Caledon water damage is irreversible because action wasn’t taken quickly enough. Here at GTA Water Damage Experts, our highly trained staff remains on alert 24/7 to respond to calls for help after flooding or water damage. Our team has been trained in emergency services and brings their ‘A’ game no matter what time it is, night or day. With the proper license and certification and as an acting member of IICRC, we hope to not only provide confidence for our clients but to uphold our reputation as a trusted company here in Caledon.

Solutions and Experts

If there are two things we are confident we can offer to you when you’re in need, they would be these: solutions and experts. The most important tools to have when in a disaster are tools that will help resolve the trouble and get you out of that disaster. Homeowners that are victims of Caledon water damage don’t need to be resigned to permanent water damage when they take action and call for immediate help from our team. Equipped with high quality vacuums, dehumidifiers, fans and powerful pumps, we are ready to help extract water and put your home back in order. Our solutions come from tested and proven systems that guarantee satisfying results. Allow our experts to bring you the solutions you need when you’re faced with disaster. Our services in Caledon include:

  • Water Damage Attic
  • Sewage Clean Up and Disinfection
  • Wet Basement Remediation
  • Flood Clean Up

    Water Damage Attic

    How does water damage occur in the attic? Even in Caledon water damage begins with humidity in the summers and precipitation in the winters. As shingles or flashing are damaged, water can penetrate through the roofing and into the attic. Too much water will stain and soak into the wood, causing distress to the fibers and damaging the integrity of joists and beams. In the summer, humidity and the darkness invite the growth of mold in the attic. It is important to eradicate mold and repair any damaged areas in an attic, and GTA Water Damage Experts is happy to provide complete attic restoration.

    Sewage Clean Up and Disinfection

    Occasionally in flooding there will be contamination from sewage, and in some situations, the flooding can even be caused by backed up septic systems. It is ESSENTIAL when dealing with sewage flooding that you do not attempt to clean up contaminated spillage by yourself. If you suffer from sewage flooding, call for professional help immediately! With the proper equipment and protective gear, GTA Water Damage Experts will carefully eliminate contamination and disinfect the home while helping confront Caledon water damage before it can become permanent damage. Health safety is important at all times, and we are ready to help protect you and yours.

    Wet Basement Remediation

    If you suffer from regular flooding in your basement, there are a few possible scenarios that might provide the assistance you need. In some situations homes are built upon high water tables and do not have the proper drainage. Wet basements can often be fixed using a sump pump or a drainage system with piping and gravel or tiles. When flooding occurs in your basement, let GTA Water Damage Experts help you clean up the situation and determine a better method for prevention of flooding and water damage in the future.

    Flood Clean Up

    It is our privilege to provide essential remediation services to homeowners in Caledon and the surrounding area. When you need help with flood clean up, remember that the most important thing you can do is take immediate action! Often we can prevent any permanent damage through our quick work removing water and drying out property. Let our team help with extraction, dehumidification, and restoration of your home after a flood!