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Since the earliest days of Man people have been looking to harness the power of water. They looked to settle next to water sources, to use water to irrigate their crops, to change the course of rivers, and to thrive on the many benefits of having water near by. However, as time has so elegantly taught us, there is no good without a little bad. Since water is omnipresent in modern life, it can sometimes cause some damages. Water and humidity damages are very common in modern homes and they bring with them a variety of aesthetic issues and even health related issues.
Whenever dealing with water damages, GTA Water Damage Experts is the best possible solution. Being Cambridge’s leading water damage restoration services company we offer our customers several important advantages.
Our dispatch center is available 24/7 so you will always be able to contact us.
Our teams arrive within 30 minutes so your inconvenience will be as short as possible.
Our technicians are licensed, bonded, trained, and experienced so we will be able to meet your every need.
Our crews provide ongoing services alongside emergency services so your problem can be resolved any time you need us.

GTA Water Damage Experts – expertise and solutions

We are not good at dealing with water damages – we are great! Our years of experience allowed us to develop unique techniques to take care of every water damage related situation. Our innovative and top notch equipment ensures effective and durable solutions. Our trained and professional technicians are only too glad to take another satisfied customer out of the woods, so to speak.
Our services in Cambridge include:

  • Water damage extraction
  • Flooded basement treatments
  • Sewage treatment
  • Water damage assessment


Water damage extraction

Water can cause a whole lot of trouble. Whenever there is water in places that are hard to reach, rest assured, water damages will ensue. In such cases all of the water needs to be extracted by professionals. A precise and thorough extraction of the water will allow our expert technicians to permanently take care of the problem and to resolve the situation.

Flooded basement treatments

Many people use their basements to store any number of things. Basements are also use to hold the house’s infrastructure, machinery, and the like. That is why flooded basements are such a problem. Besides damaged boxes and stored goods, besides the potential damage to infrastructure and machinery, flooded basements are a major health risk that should be dealt with without delay. Our expert crews will first and foremost extract all of the water from your flooded basement. Then, they will proceed to locating the source of the problem and taking care of it. Later, they will proceed to restoring your damaged basement and to salvaging whatever can be saved.

Sewage treatment

Sewage is that part of the house we all know is there, we all know we need it, but we all do not want to have anything to do with it, let alone treat it. However, sometimes sewages need treatment for any number of reasons. Our expert technicians will be able to provide you with extensive sewage treatment services to any purpose. Our thorough, professional, and effective work will save you both time and trouble.

Water damage assessment

Sometimes, you need to have your water damages assessed. Be it for insurance purposes or for restoration purposes, you will want a professional by your side. Our leading experts will gladly provide you with professional water damage assessment services that will save you both time and money and that will help you achieve a quick solution.