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Asbestos testing – keeping you safe

While most dangers give tell-tale signs that make you aware of their presence some risks leave us totally unaware. Such is the case with asbestos.

For many decades asbestos was widely used for construction of new structures. Being so commonly used it can be found in schools, residential buildings, hospitals, and the like. When asbestos remains untouched and well contained, chances are that it will pose no health risk. However, when asbestos weakens over time, when it is not contained by any other material, if it gets drilled into, or if it gets dislodged in any other way, it might release tiny pieces into the air. These pieces will later be breathed in by people staying in the structure. This is when the problem begins.

How to conduct asbestos testing?

Because asbestos cannot be detected without proper equipment professional tests should be carried out. Such tests should be executed only by professionals that will be able to:

  • Detect if there is indeed asbestos in the air and whether or not a threat exists
  • Take care of any asbestos in the structure, completely remove it, and make the structure safe to stay in

GTA Water Damage Experts – benefits & advantages

If you suspect the presence of asbestos you would be best advised to consult with trained and certified experts such as GTA Water Damage Experts.

Only experienced, trained, and certified experts will be able to offer professional solutions alongside a couple of other important advantages and benefits:

  • Around the clock availability: asbestos should not be taken lightly, and exposure to it should be as minimal as possible. This is why we run a 24/7/365 available dispatch center. Anytime you need us one of our operators will be here for you
  • Swift arrival: we offer full coverage of Toronto and its vicinity. Just give us a call and we will be there within 30 minutes
  • Professional solutions: our crews are completely equipped with state of the art gear. We provide our customers with durable and reliable solutions
  • Affordable prices – it is important to us to further the cause of asbestos removal and so we offer our services for extremely affordable rates