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Winter season is already upon us. Frozen pipes can erupt at any moment, and gutters filled with snow can cause slow leaks to the inside of your home. You need to take preventative measures in advance to make sure your home doesn’t become the victim of water damage during the cold winter season. A burst pipe can leave your living room looking like a swimming pool in no time. It’s important to clean out your gutters and roof during a heavy snowstorm, and to have the pipes thoroughly inspected beforehand. Your water pipes should be insulated at all times to prevent them from freezing up. If you are away from home from an extended period of time, ask a friend or relative to check your home, and make sure the pipes are not frozen. In the case of a burst pipe inside your home, here a few helpful tips to follow to reduce the total amount of water damage:

    Turn Off the Water Supply – The first step is to turn off the main stop tap, which can be found underneath your kitchen sink or where the pipe enters your home. Turn on all the cold taps and drain the system. Place a bucket to areas where the water is dripping directly from the ceiling.

    Turn Off Water Heating Systems – Switch off the central heating, immersion heater, and all other water heating systems. As soon as the water heating shuts down, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

    Turn Off the Electrics – Be extra careful during this step. Switch off the mains immediately. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to touch electrical items if they have been affected by water damage. This is a job best left to a professional water damage restoration technician.

    Check the Floorboards for Water Damage – Make sure you carefully seal off all rooms that have been affected by the water damage. The wood and floor tiles might be severely damaged as a result, and should be blocked off to ensure safety inside your house.

    GTA Water Damage Experts to the Rescue!

    If your pipe has exploded in your home, it is certainly a good time to call for the pros. At 911 Remediation, our job is to safely restore your home after a bad case of water damage. Our technicians are on call 24/7, and we cover the entire Toronto area. Don’t let a burst or frozen pipe ruin your holiday season. Give us a call today, and let us quickly fix the damage.