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“Can I just give you three words? ‘Mold is terrible.’ My house got flooded and it took a while for me to admit to myself that I needed professional help in getting everything cleaned up. Well, because I took so long to decide to get a water damage service to help me, mold started growing. I could tell because of the smell, and because my sinuses started behaving like when I have a cold.

Anyway, the truth is, I’m a stubborn guy and so when my wife asked me to call GTA Water Damage, I didn’t do it. I mean, eventually I did but by the time I did, extensive water damage had already taken place.

Thankfully, their professionals didn’t make me feel like any more of an idiot than I already was. They came out and really did a great job. If my home ever undergoes water damage like this ever again, I’ll be calling the GTA water damage service right away.” – Mike E.