Dealing with Black Mold Stains

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Dealing with Black Mold Stains

Let’s get something straight to begin with. Not all black mold is toxic, “black mold”. Several molds are black in color and they can be mistaken for a specific type of dangerous black mold that really should only be dealt with by a professional service. You can be sure of which type of mold is in your home or office by having a professional look at it and give you a correct “diagnosis.” The good news is that if it’s not toxic, black mold (Stachybotrys or Memnoniella), then you should be able to at least try taking care of the issue yourself.

Now, although you should take care to have a professional come to take a look at things whenever you are unsure of the type of black mold, it is possible that you can determine its type by where the mold happens to be growing. If the object the mold is growing on has cellulose in it, like cardboard, wood, insulation, or ceiling tiles you should have a professional look at it and you should not try to clean it yourself. In fact, do not try to disturb the mold growth at all.

Remember that mold spores can fill the air when you try to clean it. These spores can cause health problems so you should take steps to protect yourself when conducting any kind of black mold and black mold stain removal.

If an item has a lot of mold on it, or if you can see that mold runs through it (such as through carpet), you should just throw it away. Don’t even bother trying to clean it.You simply will not be able to clean it and remove the mold in a satisfactory fashion. If this occurs, be sure to take the affected material and put it in a heavy plastic bag and throw it away.

Cleaning mold and mold stains from hard surfaces such as those found in your bathroom (bathroom walls and showers) is easier, and safer. You can mix a gallon of water with a half of a cup of bleach, put the mixture in a spray bottle, and then spray everywhere that mold has grown.Bleach is one of the best means of killing mold.

If possible, take whatever has been affected by mold outdoors in order to clean it. (Obviously you can’t take your bathroom outside!) With actual things, however, taking them outside to remove mold and black mold stains is best since you will be better able to keep the mold spores from infiltrating other areas of your home. Remember that you have no desire to spread the mold around.

Once you have cleaned the black mold stains and the mold itself, the issue then becomes preventing it from coming back. Remember that mold grows in damp, moist areas so making sure things are as dry as possible is in your interests.