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Restoring Your Carpet

There are three types of water based on its source:

Category 1 is clean water that comes from a broken water supply pipe, Category 2 is gray water that contains biological or chemical contaminants such as water coming from kitchen sinks, and Category 3 is black water which is heavily toxic and is basically domestic or industrial water waste. You need to determine if the damage which your carpet suffered still makes it possible for a complete restoration.

If you are dealing with extensive flooding then your best chance to save your carpet might be hiring a professional restoration company. The other option would be to have your carpet entirely replaced. In order to get started, you’re going to need some cleaning solution to disinfect the carpet, motorized rotary brush to help work in the cleaning solution to your carpet, and a dehumidifier to help you dry up your carpet. You can either rent or purchase the equipment from any local hardware store. Here are a few quick and helpful tips on how you can restore your wet carpet:

Act Quickly – You don’t have any time to waste, when you’re attempting to clean up a wet carpet. You should get started as soon as you’ve experienced any water damage to your carpet.
Get the Proper Equipment – As mentioned above, you’re going to need some cleaning solution, a motorized rotary brush and a dehumidifier. You should also use protective gloves and a mask, just in case.
Final Steps – After extracting the water on the wet carpet, it should be placed in an area with enough ventilation to allow it to dry. The drying time will depend on the size of the carpet and the nature of the damage.

Who to Call in an Emergenc

At GTA Water Damage Experts, we specialize in restoring wet carpets or rugs that have been the victims of water damage. We use the safest techniques and procedures, so that your home is completely disinfected from any potential harmful bacteria, like mold and mildew. We work 24 hours a day, which means that you’ll never have any problems getting a hold of us during an emergency. We’re known for our safe work ethic and rapid arrival time. We never take any chances when it comes to your health and safety. Get in touch with our friendly support team today, and let us restore your carpet, as quickly and safely as possible.