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If you have mold problems at home or at work, Toronto GTA Water Damage Experts team will be pleased to be of service. When you see any kind of molds in your area of residence or work, contact us immediately and our professional crews will be there to examine the molds and if needed, they will even eliminate fungi or bacteria in your house or workplace.

What are the services that Toronto GTA Water Damage Experts offers?

They can be at your service for any of the following needs: inspecting molds, removing black molds, eliminating any kinds of mildews, remediating molds, examining molds and testing them in a laboratory, removing molds in basements or bathrooms, testing air quality, treating molds, and of course, total removal of molds.

Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation, we offer many kinds of services which include:

  • Checking signs of molds and treating it
  • Examining molds and reducing its occurrence
  • Eliminating black molds
  • Preventing and remediating formation of molds
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Sending bills directly to insurance companies
  • Testing quality of air

We offer our services to any parts of your house or office. When you need someone to inspect the molds, contact us and we will take care of that problem without delay and it will be done by one of the many skilled staff that we have in our employ. In terms of black molds and fungi, bear in mind that sometimes you will not be able to see them right away.<

How to know that they are present in your houses or offices?

Search for spots on your walls or floor tiles. The spots must be green or black in color. Furthermore, try to smell for a bad odor and look for other observable signs. Be sure to remove black molds instantly since they can cause health risks such as skin allergies and problems in your respiratory system. In addition, when it comes to molds in your basement or bathroom, inspection is a very necessary process because they cannot also be seen sometimes.

Finally, we at GTA Water Damage Experts, you can be certain that members of our teams are skilled. We also use the most reliable equipments for removing molds.