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How prepared are you in case of flooding or mold? When it comes to getting the best care for your home after a crisis of the aforementioned kind, you can be prepared for anything as long as you have the number of this company in your phone: GTA Water Damage Experts. For those in the North York area, our team at GTA Water Damage Experts has been applying years of experience and helpful emergency service with enthusiastic results. The reputation of this company is built upon satisfied customers who have received great 24/7 care and spread the word themselves. As we have the license to do the work, recognition as a member of IICRC, and the policies to ensure it’s done right, North York water damage need not be your worry as long as we get your call.

Solutions and Expertise

When you come under attack from Mother Nature and your home is flooded, the most important thing you need is straightforward solutions for your problems. GTA Water Damage Experts have those solutions, and we are more than happy to offer them 24 hours a day. North York water damage can be severe, but the expertise of this team ensures that a quick call for help gets immediate response and the best results possible. It’s our goal at GTA Water Damage Experts to eliminate permanent damage and restore a home to its pre-flood condition as successfully as possible. Equipped with the best tools in the industry and the necessary knowhow, we can bring this confident assistance to you no matter what your situation or need. Our Services in North York include:

  • Water Damage Certification
  • Basement Water Extraction
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Structural Restoration
  • Water Damage Certification

    We have put in the effort to ensure that you can get the very best service from our team. This of course includes full licensure and certification from the industry standard makers. We have been certified by the IICRC to provide care for North York water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and even odor control. Our team is trained for flooding, fire, and even mold remediation, and we guarantee we’ll make your needs our priority.

    Basement Water Extraction

    Flooding can be very problematic, but the worst scenario for North York water damage is in basement flooding. Basement water extraction is difficult because ventilation is not optimal. When basement flooding occurs and you don’t want to be the victim of North York water damage, call for help from GTA Water Damage Experts and we will provide you with the tools and help you need to ensure that your basement flood is taken care of. Beginning with vacuums and pumps, we’ll extract all the standing water that could cause the most damage. Then with fans and dehumidifiers, we’ll help dry out the basement until our moisture meters say it’s completely dry even beneath the surface.

    Sewage Treatment

    There are some situations where a professional should always be called, and sewage floods are one of those. Sewage should never be handled without the proper protective gear and the right chemical cleaners that can eradicate the contaminants within it. GTA Water Damage Experts are on call 24/7 for any such dangerous situations where expert hands are needed to provide caution and safety in treatment.

    Structural Restoration

    Finally, after all the water has been removed and your home is deemed completely dry, our team will do an inspection to determine if any permanent structural damage was done by the standing water. Our technicians will then remove damaged materials and then rebuild and restore the home to its pre-flood condition.