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Life is full of the good and the bad, and even here in the GTA it’s essential that homeowners are aware of the disasters that so easily befall the unsuspecting. Homes are susceptible to weather, water, fire, and mold, and no matter who you are, the best way to prevent disaster is to prepare ahead of time by knowing which professional team to call in a crisis. For home remediation situations, the key to successful restoration often lies in how quickly you take action. Most emergency service provided by our highly trained staff here at GTA Water Damage Experts has a higher chance of success when we can start work immediately after the accident occurs. When it comes to fire, mold, and water damage Pickering homeowners can count on our years of experience and 24/7 availability to save homes and property from the devastation of permanent damage.

Expert Solutions

In Pickering water damage and flooding has affected hundreds of homes, but our team has helped to eliminate damage and restore integrity after many of these disasters. Calling for our professional and expert help brings more than just knowledge as well. Expertise in remediation begins with the accuracy of assessment provided the minute our team arrives on the scene. Additionally, we provide the manpower, tools, equipment, and technology needed to reverse the effects of residential disaster. We want to help you customize a plan of action that will bring order in the midst of chaos caused by fire or water damage. Our services in Pickering include:

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Flooded Basement Treatments
  • Basement Water Extraction
  • Sewage Cleanup

Water Damage Repair

Our goal as your local remediation experts is to focus on the results! We want to make sure that Pickering water damage situations are reversed and that homeowners feel that a complete restoration of pre-flood conditions has been provided. Water damage repair is an important service in this process, requiring inspection and detection of severe water damage and then complete repair by expert hands. Our team has the materials and training to provide complete inspection and repair as the final steps of flood remediation.

Flooded Basement Treatments

Certain areas of the home will be harder to treat after flooding and therefore demand professional attention sooner or more prominently. Basements most often have far less ventilation than other areas and take longer to dry, increasing the potential for mold growth to occur. Our team will provide high-powered vacuums and pumps for the expedition of complete water extraction. Then fans and dehumidifiers will ensure that no moisture remains in the air or deep below the surfaces of your basement. If you discover your basement has flooded, act quickly and call for our team to avoid water damage Pickering!

Basement Water Extraction

As previously mentioned, basements suffer greater damages as they are harder to ventilate in the case of flooding. We provide high quality assistance for water extraction and elimination of other hazards caused by standing water. Our pumps and vacuums will expel excess water from the basement, followed by thorough vacuuming to remove water from the carpeting and furnishing. Since speed is the key, our team is practiced at acting quickly and providing quality service.

Sewage Cleanup

More than for the convenience or even the speed of professional assistance, the highest priority in home remediation is safety. When flooding occurs, containing sewage or other contaminations requires professional assistance. Do not delay in calling for help from a team like ours at GTA Water Damage Experts, as sewage floods contain severe contamination and contagions that can infect those not wearing proper protective gear or using commercial strength cleaning solutions. When flooding strikes, no matter where you live in the GTA, call for expert help from GTA Water Damage Experts!