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GTA Water Damage Experts is your choice for the most relied upon Richmond Hill water damage experts. Our highly trained staff of IICRC members stand by 24/7 to handle all emergency flooding situations within your home. Our water damage Richmond Hill professional services include flood damage repair, basement water damage and full cleanup emergency service. We have a trustable team of licensed specialists with years of experience restoring homes back to normal. Make sure you contact us immediately if you’ve incurred any form of water damage! Timing means everything during a water damage crisis. It takes us only 30 minutes to come to the rescue!

GTA Water Damage Experts Experience & Solutions

We’ve been assisting many satisfied clients for quite some time. Our responsibility is to safely drain out the excess water as quickly as possible. We use industrialized equipment to get rid of the water. High powered vacuums are used to absorb the water, which is then disposed of in our trucks. Once the water has been gulped out of your floors or carpeting, we will then set up an air blower to speed in the restoration process. We take all necessary precautions when removing the water from your home. We’ll give you tips on how to save your valuables and non-walled carpeting. Our services in Richmond Hill include:

  • Sewage Treatment
  • Wet Basement
  • Flood Damage
  • Basement Water Extraction
  • Sewage Treatment

    There is nothing more disgusting and dangerous than raw sewage. Sewage contains harmful toxins and chemicals that could seriously jeopardize your health. Contact must be avoided at all times to prevent any such health symptoms from occurring. Sewage can overflow from a nearby sewer during heavy rainstorms. It can also leak into your basement through an open window. Overflowed toilets are another common cause for raw sewage. We are sewage treatment specialists. Getting rid of the nasty sludge is a dirty job, but we do it best! We use a safe method to clean up the gross sewage and disinfect each section plagued by the vile substance.

    Wet Basement

    Wet basements are the direct result of Mother Nature, but they can also arise from broken washing machine hoses. We have a amazing team of flood damage repair experts that will have your basement looking good as new in no time! We can fix the damaged washing machine hose and drain out the water from your basement. We focus all our efforts into saving precious belongings while cleaning up the watery mess. We carefully seal off the basement, so that no one slips and gets hurt. Your basement will look absolutely sparkling in a short amount of time!

    Flood Damage

    Floods are major problems facing all homeowners in the United States. It takes less than a couple of minutes for the flood water to pile up and leave your home looking like an aquarium! That’s why it’s essential to contact the pros at GTA Water Damage Experts for assistance. We have a patented and proven technique for removing flood damage water. Our flood restoration technicians will check to see that all areas are completely free of water before finishing the job. We can repair cracked or chiseled drywall as well. Don’t let the flood water destroy your home! Reach out to the experts at GTA Water Damage Experts right away!

    Basement Water Extraction

    GTA Water Damage Experts specializes in basement water extraction services. We have a sure-proof way of eliminating basement water damage in a hurry! Water damage is bad enough, but the impact left behind could be far worse. Mold and mildew can begin to form in a very short period of time, but not to worry because we have everything under control! We’ll extract every last drop of water from each corner of your basement walls. We also work with all major insurance providers and offer affordable rates. Don’t take any chances with water damage, call us today!