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GTA Water Damage Experts offers professional water damage remediation services to residents of the Scarborough area. All of our services are offered on a 24/7 basis, from sunrise to sunrise. When your home or business has incurred water damage to any degree, our professionals are able to help you resolve the problem and restore your property to a pre-damaged state. We are able to do this since GTA Water Damage Experts is a IICRC member and our emergency service is provided by a highly trained, professional team with years of experience.

GTA Water Damage Expertise and Solutions

From mold removal and remediation to sewage removal and water extraction, GTA Water Damage Experts offer a wide variety of expertise and solutions. Our professional emergency services are designed to provide the average business owner or family with the help they need when a flooding situation occurs. Water damage is not an easy thing to deal with. However, when you choose a GTA Water Damage solution, you can be confident that experts are taking care of your problem. Our services in Scarborough include:

  • Basement Clean Up
  • Wet Basement Remediation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Certification

Basement Clean Up

Basements are a frequent location where flooding occurs. Even worse, water can totally seep in. This sort of damage is insidious as it happens slowly over a period of time and is not always immediately noticeable. In this kind of water damage, moisture creeps in, and before you know it the walls, flooring and even ceilings can be water damaged. Moreover, basements are notorious spots for mold growth. You may be tempted to try to vacuum up water yourself. However, if you don’t have a Wet-Vac, or professional water removal equipment, you could end up electrocuting yourself! Thus, you should always try and use the services of professionals. You may be able to detect the presence of mold by a musty smell if you cannot see it. We recommend that you call GTA Water Damage Experts to have a proper evaluation and assessment of your basement’s condition. Keeping your basement moisture free and in good repair is just one way we can help prevent your home from incurring water damage.

Wet Basement Remediation

If your basement has suffered a flooding event, it can be a difficult proposition to try and extract all that water yourself. However, our professional teams have all the right industrial strength water removing equipment necessary. Moreover, we have powerful heat dryers and dehumidifiers that can help completely dry out the basement environment and help prevent further water damage and mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration

Sometimes, despite your hardest efforts, your home still experiences extensive water damage. When such an occurrence happens, you need effective water damage restoration. This is true for any business or homeowner that wants to reverse the effects of water damage on their building and property. One thing that must be remembered is that when water damage occurs, you can bet that mold begins to grow. Moreover, mold can start taking root in as little as 48 hours. Thus, we highly recommend that you give our professionals a call to have an assessment of the extent of water damage done as soon as possible.

Water Damage Certification

You can trust that all our services are certified. As a member of IICRC, we hold a license to conduct water damage restoration throughout the entire region. Moreover, customer satisfaction is one of our highest goals and ensuring that your home or business is returned to a pre-damaged state is mandatory!