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Flooding is the most common cause of water damage that leads directly to sewage backup. Homes that are situated near sewers often feel the wrath first hand. Heavy rains fill up the sewer drains, which in turn, spills directly into your home. At GTA Water Damage Experts, we work nonstop through all sections of Toronto to keep your home sanitized and clean. We highly advise you to have your pipes and insulation checked routinely by a reputable plumber. You can reach us 24/7 for all sewage treatment emergencies. It takes us no less than 30 minutes to arrive with a specially-equipped truck to handle the filthy sewage. We safely dispose of the raw sewage in our septic tanks inside the trucks. Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the sewage yourself, since there are harmful toxins present. Leave the dirty work to us!

There are several causes of sewage backflow that all lead to your piping infrastructure. Sewage problems can be attributed to certain structural defects, such as cracks, holes or misplaced pipes. It’s unbelievably important to have your piping system checked in advance to prevent any potential sewer leakage. Problems with the toilet can also lead to sewage backflow. Always keep your toilets, sink drains and shower drains clean from hair or other assorted debris. GTA Water Damage Experts offers a comprehensive list of sewage treatment services that includes; sanitize & disinfect affected areas, sewage damage restoration, water extraction & remediation, mold & mildew removal and much more. We thoroughly clean out and disinfect all damaged sections to turn a disgusting mess into a clean home again! Sewage water is highly toxic, so make sure you keep your children safely away from the affected areas. Seal off the area with a few towels and make sure to throw them away after the sewage treatment services are performed.

A Safe Cleanup with GTA Water Damage Experts

Sewage can be the result of heavy rains, flooding, faulty piping infrastructure or backed up toilets. It’s always a safe bet to count on 911 Remediation to effectively deal with the harmful raw sewage. Our highly skilled sewage removal experts will carefully clean each section of the house that has been affected by the sewage. We will inspect your bathtub for mold or mildew