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Cracked washing machine supply hoses can leave your basement looking like an aquarium in very little time. Water damage must be dealt with immediately to limit the overall damages. GTA Water Damage Expertsn has been Toronto’s leading authority in water damage restoration and cleanup for many years. We rely upon heavy strength industrial wet vacuums to extract the water, since no ordinary vacuum will do. High powered air blowers speed up the restoration process and are strategically placed throughout the damaged sections. A quick tip is to reduce the humidity level in your basement to avoid moisture buildup. We work 24/7 to provide you with emergency water damage restoration services. Timing is never an issue with us and we make it a top priority to arrive with a half hour. There is no time to waste during a water damage crisis and we’re only one quick phone call away!

GTA Water Damage Experts water damage restoration services includes; thorough water removal, flood damage restoration & repair, basement & ceiling water damage remediation, non-walled carpeting & rugs cleaning, wooden laminate floor cleaning and more. It’s important to have your basement inspected by a plumber and gutters cleaned out several months before winter begins. Make sure you check your washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator for any potential cracks or leaks within the piping. You can’t believe how fast your entire kitchen can get flooded from a tiny crack within the piping infrastructure. Household appliances are subject to deteriorate as time goes by. Proper maintenance of household appliances limits the possibilities of a water damage nightmare when you’re not around. Our highly skilled restoration technicians will check behind the refrigerator for mold and mildew, since the environment is just perfect after water damage has occurred. You can be completely certain that you’re receiving the best quality water damage restoration results with GTA Water Damage Experts!

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GTA Water Damage Experts is your source for all water damage restoration services from the most talented IICRC certified technicians in Toronto.Your safety is our greatest concern and we make sure your home is absolutely spotless before we leave. Water damage is not only harmful to your furniture or household appliances, it also carries a terrible odor along with it. Once the water has been safely extracted from your home, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in the quality of air almost right away. GTA Water Damage Experts is a nationally accredited insurance vendor and it’s our pleasure to assist with all claims and insurance filing paperwork. You’ll find our prices to be affordable, our services to be top notch quality and our attitude to be extra friendly! We’ll have your home looking as good as new before you realize it! Give us a call anytime for a free estimation and description of services provided.