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Water damage can occur from a number of sources. Drain pipes can get frozen and explode within your house during the winter season. Huge chunks of snow could be backing the pipe system, so make sure you thoroughly clean out your gutters before the harsh winter season begins. GTA Water Damage Experts is Toronto’s most trusted water damage restoration company. Our responsibility is to arrive on scene as quickly as possible to safely extract the excess water. We’re renowned for having incredibly speedy timing, which can take as little as 30 minutes. When each passing second counts during the restoration process, it’s a relief to know that we’re here for you round the clock. We have a large team of technicians that are spread all throughout Toronto. We’re also available 24 hours a day to provide you with top quality water treatment services. We never leave a single drop of water behind!

Cleaning up the excess water requires having the proper equipment and tools of the trade. We use a high powered industrial wet vacuum and dehumidifier to leave your home absolutely sparkling clean! Water spreads very quickly throughout other areas of the house, so it’s imperative that you contact us as soon as you’ve experienced the damages. GTA Water Damage Experts offers a wide variety of water treatment services that includes; flood damage restoration, drywall repair, wet basement water damage cleanup, ceiling water damage cleanup, wet carpets & non-walled carpeting and much more. Water damage sinks into wood laminate flooring, which can slowly decay the tiles. Our expert technicians will have the water gone and your wooden laminate flooring completely dried before you know it! We strongly advise you to discard any furniture that has been deeply soaked or affected by the water damage. Wooden sections are prone to develop mold or mildew formation, so it’s always best to throw away wet furniture. Avoid water sockets or electrical appliances that have been damaged by water to stay 100% safe!

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At GTA Water Damage Experts, we go above expectations to bring you immediate results. Water damage is a very difficult situation for any homeowner. Our job is to restore your home to its original state in a very short period of time. We have the nicest customer support staff you’ll ever have the pleasure of dealing with. We offer excellent prices that vary according to the amount of cleanup necessary. Our professional technicians will assess the damages to better determine the quickest and safest route to cleanup. We can attempt to save valuables and furniture, depending on the severity of the water damage. Photos can be salvaged by placing them inside the freezer for a few hours. Water damage emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t take any chances with water damage, get in touch with us today!